The Future Thinker

Open-air poster art exhibition 




2019 marks the 150th birth anniversary of prominent Armenian composer and ethnomusicologist Komitas Vardapet. The Future Thinker is an expression used by Komitas in one of the letters he wrote in Paris, in 1906. Komitas responded to a letter he received from his close friend musician Margarit Babayan. He recounts about the new piano compositions he is writing and is delighted about the fact that foreigners express so much interest about Armenian music, unlike the Armenian notable figures. At the end of the letter, Komitas signs “The Future Thinker. Your Komitas”.

The 150th birth anniversary of Komitas is the right moment to retrospectively look back at Komitas’s legacy, outline the role he has had in shaping a nation’s musical culture, shed light on how art can become a powerful bond of unity and play a vital role in education and intercultural dialogue. Rather than a national survival undertaking, Komitas’s work brought a modern cultural revival.

The outdoor poster art exhibition is based on the statement The Future Thinker, which will ultimately be declared as a manifesto. Posters have served for a long time as a utilitarian communication medium. The Future Thinker posters will have an aesthetic discourse along. The outdoor exhibition will highlight how designed pieces are artefacts rooted in a contextual environment with its social and historical layers and how nature and culture are intertwined.





The outdoor exhibition The Future Thinker will feature a manifesto and up to 150 posters designed by a great number of Armenian designers, illustrators, and artists. The catalogue published in the framework of the exhibition will have the format of an artist book. The exquisitely crafted artist book will be published in limited-edition. All the posters will also be showcased in the virtual exhibition to be launched at the opening of the outdoor exhibition. 



The Future Thinker is an artistic program dedicated to celebrate Komitas’s jubilee anniversary both in Armenia and worldwide and to discuss the contemporary perspectives on his legacy. The exhibition is aimed at defining new aesthetic values by following Komitas’s artistic principles, where his avant-garde creation was built on unearthing the traditions of the past and awakening the raw beauty of our surrounding environment while being forward-thinker, pushing the boundaries, and constantly bringing aesthetic innovation.



The exhibition opening and artist-book presentation will take place in Spring 2019.



In a perspective to decentralize the cultural hubs existing in the capital city Yerevan and make the public constantly surprised and engaged, The Future Thinker exhibition will have its central installation in the wide and extensive Komitas Park near the Pantheon and the Komitas Museum-Institute, yet some posters will also be displayed in the following parks in the center of Yerevan: Lover’s park, Children’s park, Komitas square (in front of the Conservatory), Saryan park.



The exhibition is an initiative developed by aha collective (curated by Nairi Khatchadourian) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Yerevan City Hall, Komitas Museum-Institute, AGBU, Yerevan Magazine, and Rambalkoshe. Around 40 Armenian designers and illustrators will be featured in the exhibition. To enhance the engagement with the public, a participative pavilion will be installed within the outdoor exhibition, where everyone could come, design his/her poster, or bring a printed one, and add it to the pavilion wall.


What’s the aha?

The Future Thinker outdoor exhibition might also travel to Paris, France. It will probably be installed in the Jardin d’Erevan (Yerevan Garden) in the 8th district of Paris. The opening will hopefully take place in Fall 2019. Aha?





  • Each participant can submit 1 poster

  • The layout could be both portrait and landscape

  • Poster details: 1.4mx2m / 300 dpi


  • Your artwork will be included in the outdoor exhibition The Future Thinker marking Komitas’s 150th jubilee anniversary

  • Some artworks will be selected to be published in the Special Issue of the Yerevan Magazine devoted to Komitas’s 150th jubilee anniversary

  • Your artwork will be published in the limited-edition artist book to be published in the framework of the exhibition. You will receive one copy of the artist book of course.


Get inspired with Komitas’s legacy through a selection of his multi-faceted heritage we prepared for you. Download the package below.

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