The Future Thinker exhibition will take place in open-air areas featuring 150 posters designed by renowned Armenian artists and designers to celebrate Komitas’s lecagy visually. Through the posters, the artists will retrospectively look back at Komitas’s legacy, outline the role he has had in shaping a nation’s musical culture, shed light on how art can become a powerful bond of unity and play a vital role in education and intercultural dialogue. The outdoor poster art exhibition will be based on the statement “The Future Thinker”, an expression used by Komitas in one of the letters he wrote in Paris in 1906, responding to a letter he received from his close friend musician Margarit Babayan.

To enhance the engagement with the public, a participative pavilion will be installed within the outdoor exhibition, where everyone could come, design his/her poster, or bring a printed one, and add it to the pavilion wall.

To offer an even richer experience to the public, multi-media content will be developed. The poster displays will have QR codes to link to additional artist information and additional exhibit content. Depending on the content of each poster, either historical or musical information will be shared.


The exhibition is aimed at defining new aesthetic values by following Komitas’s artistic principles, where his avant-garde creation was built on unearthing the traditions of the past and awakening the raw beauty of our surrounding landscape while being forward-thinker, pushing the boundaries, and constantly bringing aesthetic innovation.

Posters have served for a long time as a utilitarian communication medium. The Future Thinker posters will have an aesthetic discourse along. The outdoor exhibition will highlight how designed pieces are artefacts rooted in a contextual environment with its social and historical layers and how nature and culture are intertwined.





The Future Thinker outdoor exhibition will have its online platform. The virtual exhibition will feature all the 150 posters exhibited outdoor. The posters created by the public in the participative pavilion will constantly be added. It will also allow any user to upload his/her contribution directly online.

The virtual exhibition will be launched at the same time as the opening of the outdoor exhibition.


The virtual exhibition will increase its engagement with the audience in a new and engaging way, both locally and internationally, and will create a durable online record.

More than a direct translation of the physical outdoor exhibition, the virtual exhibition will be based on a parallel narrative user experience. It will have facilities to include more content next to the artworks (stories behind the posters, information about the creator, music streeming) and all of the materials will be sharable via social media channels.