About Us

The Armenia Agricultural Holding is a modern company that is successful on the market for livestock farming, dairy and meat food production, and the sale of agricultural equipment.

Founded in 1993, our company initially specialized only in the field of dairy farming. The first breed livestock farms were built in Amasia. Since 2002, the Armenia Agricultural Holding has made the following achievements:

  • purchased a new livestock breeding complex near Spitak, which is now one of the most advanced in Armenia;
  • built a new dairy, which meets all of the high standards regarding European quality;
  • purchased livestock breeding complexes in Razdan, Aragazavan, and Kazanchi.

Our farms employ only highly skilled veterinarians, technologists, and professional farmers.

Our Address
Lori, Spitak, Panragortsneri District, Armenia
Phone: +374 55350580
e-mail: info@agroholding.am


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